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Support & FAQ

Thanks to those who are partnering with us!

We have received support from:

  1. Wonderland Pre-primary School
  2. Pick and Pay
  3. Old Mutual
  4. The Department of Social Development
  5. Murray and Dickson and
  6. The National Lottery Board

These generous donors have made a difference in the lives of many children. Thank you !!


There is so much scope in this area. Many people, both qualified and un-qualified have joined in pre-school. This has brought a new level of enthusiasm and energy to the school. Those paricipating have benefited greatly in both their professional and personal lives.

What can I do to help?

What we do is very rewarding and many people ask us how they can help. The work at the school can be fulfilling for those who wish to connect with young children. People with the necessary skill sets can teach and this is very much in demand, however teacher assistants are also a great way to start. More especially for those who are young and energetic this helps with ones personal growth and development as interaction occurs with children from the village. We have seen so many people blossom as close relationships and mutual respect forms and as their experience grows. After a period in the school we have noticed how peoples self confidence and esteem grows. Why not try it??

Financial involvment is also a way of assisting. This can be done by arrangement or payments can be made directly into our bank account :

  1. Bank : FNB
  2. Acc No : 6249 767 4088
  3. Branch : Tzaneen
  4. Acc Name: Happy Faces